Brief About MPTC


To promote effective network infrastructure connectivity and accessible services of Post, Telecommunications, and ICT sectors across the Kingdom of Cambodia, the region and the world in order to contribute to socioeconomic development and poverty reduction.


1 / Manage the post, telecommunications and ICT sectors in the Kingdom of Cambodia based on free market and social equity principles.

2 / Expand effective, reliable and secure backbone infrastructure nationwide.

3 / Further modernize post, telecommunications and ICT sectors with high-quality, affordable price and nationwide service coverage.

4 / Develop e-Government at the national and sub-national levels to improve administrative management of the government institutions and to enhance timely, transparently, effectively, safely and economically public services.

5 / Mainstream awareness on the use and the benefits of ICT through wider dissemination, training, and capacity building for officials, students, and the private sector.

6 / Encourage investors to modernize the posts, telecommunications and ICT sector, and organize efforts to promote research and development in the ICT sector.

7 / Encourage post, telecommunications and ICT operators to comply with relevant regulations ensuring fair competition and protecting the consumers’ rights.

Values : Effectiveness, transparency, and equity


Connected Cambodia


1 / Rounded symbol with 3 cm in diameter. 

2 / In the circle

The five red lines in upper half of the circle symbolize the five continents,

The seven blue kangochak in the bottom half of the circle are the symbolic of government officials,

The inner white line mesh on the blue earth represents the communication systems of Post, Telecommunications, and ICT sectors in the world,

The yellow lightning across the radius stands for the radio frequency,

The white Khmer alphabets “KH” at the top and English letters “P.T.C” at the bottom of the earth is an abbreviation of “Post and Telecommunications of Cambodia» in both languages.